What to do in Poza Rica?

What to do in Poza Rica?

Visit Sites of Interest in Poza Rica

Downtown Poza Rica

In the center of Poza Rica we can visit the mural of the Municipal Palace and contemplate this new mosaic technique by Pablo O'Higgins with measures of 5 x 47 meters, in which pre-Hispanic agricultural works and the new oil era of the region are represented.

On one side of the palace, we can find the Municipal Library, the perfect setting to read a book under the shade of Parque Juárez.

Juarez Park

Right in front of the municipal palace, we can find Juárez Park, one of the most popular places for tourism in Poza Rica due to the years it has been serving the population looking for a comfortable place to walk on weekends with the family.

It has fast food and snacks from the region in its surroundings and also on weekends you can entertain yourself with the afternoons of danzón and salsa.

Civic Square March 18

The Civic Plaza March 18, is located next to the monument to the oil workers, occasionally events such as quermés, dances and live music are held in the large covered stage that the Plaza has.

The Monument to the Oil Workers, also known as "El Origen", consists of 3 sculptures where we can appreciate the conditions in which these heroic workers began drilling, opening a huge door for the Mexican economy.


Another thing to do in Poza Rica, just 30 minutes away, we can find the town of Tihuatlán, where you can see the Christ the Redeemer, it took 18 months to build and it measures 31.50 meters high and 20.50 meters wide, unlike Christ the Redeemer of Brazil that measures 38 meters.

The imposing sculpture is located on a hill 114 meters high from where we can get an incredible view of the region. The place has bathrooms, surveillance and a little shop.

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